Bavikonda Kalchukki Trek

Bavikonda Kalchukki Trek

One of Chikmagalur’s most stunning yet unspoiled trekking trails is Bavikonda Kalchukki. Imagine taking your initial steps into your trek at the foothills of Mullodi village, Karnataka, in the lap of mountains and nearby peaks and gushing waterfalls, all within a radius of barely 15 km. With this landscape all around you, you can get a stunning and panoramic view of your Chikmagalur trekking trail – something you will never forget, no matter how many other treks you take.

Bavikonda Kalchukki Trek is part of the region’s Forest Department, better known here as the ‘Revenue Forest.’ An interesting aspect of this trek is that most of it is done in the midst of the mountains’ open face. Next, you also take a beautiful and charming ridge walk in the direction of the peak which highly enhances your trekking experience. You will also find this trek highly enjoyable because its difficulty level is barely moderate, so anyone can do it.

You can get the most out of a trek to Bavikonda Kalchukki by staying at a local homestay, near your trekking site. This can give you the added advantage of spending time with the locals and learning their culture. You also get to enjoy local cuisine, in this case authentic Dakshina Kannada food.


Bavikonda Kalchukki is situated at the foothills of the Mullodi village at a height of 4,645 feet approximately. This is a very scenic location and excellent for treks. The Somavati River Waterfall can be seen in the vicinity and about 32 km from Kalasa and you can get a breathtaking view of the Hanumana Gundi Waterfalls whose height exceeds 100 ft. About 110 km away is Dharmastala, a destination of religious tolerance.

Details about the trek

Whether you’re a die-hard trekker or a newbie, this trek is just right for you. You get to pass through huge, lush green coffee and betel nut plantations on your way to Bavikonda Kalchukki peak, taking in the aroma, not just the panoramic scene.

As you ascend the hills, dense forests welcome you. Walking up with the ridge on the left, you will reach the Bavikonda Kalchukki peak at a height of 4645 feet. At this point, descending the hills and returning to the homestay becomes mandatory.

And that’s not all. A short trek to visit the serene and gushing Somavati River and taking a dip in the waterfalls here are absolute must-dos. A visit to the coffee plantations in the Balegal region is fun and helps shed the tiredness of the previous day.

Trek Packages

We offer our guests three beautifully and meticulously planned packages, based on the time you can spend away from home. Prior booking is advised since accommodation is limited.


Our homestays are home like in ambience but we are professional in every other way, offering you the best quality of rooms and their conveniences and food. We invite you to spend a weekend at any of the homestays of your choice, and take in a trek or two too.

A few days here can be rejuvenating, relaxing and jaw-dropping, thanks to its simplicity and scenic wonders. We invite you to make some time out of your busy schedule and reconnect with Nature. We’re sure you’ll love it.

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