Elaneeru falls

Elaneeru falls

A pearl tucked away in a quaint village, the Elaneeru falls, also known as Yelaneeru/Eleneeru/Elaneer are a sight to behold with its rippling white waters gushing in full flow before you.

Is city life bothering you so much that you long to get away from the stress, tension and headaches of modern life? If you say a resounding ‘yes’ to this, you shouldn’t waste any more time in your frenetic lifestyles, but head for a quiet getaway, this time to witness the fascinating Elaneeru falls in Chikmagalur district, Karnataka.


About 12 km from Kalasa town, you will be able to spot the fantastic Elaneeru Falls, located in the Western Ghats. In fact, if you take the deviation from the main road on the Kalasa-Kudremukh road at Samse, it will lead you to Elaneeru village or “tender coconut”, owing to its crystal clear waters.

The picturesque Yelaneeru village is situated in a valley enclosed by misty mountains and two beautiful and gushing waterfalls, the Mavinasasi Falls and Elaneeru Falls. Serenity pervades all over the village, only broken by the sound of the waterfalls. As you enter the valley, you will find Mavinasasi falls, situated just beside the road.

To reach the Elaneeru Falls, you would have to trek in the direction opposite to the Mavinasasi Falls. Lo and behold, you’ll soon stand before the famous Elaneeru Falls that brings on more and more water undisturbed in the midst of the forest and Shola grasslands. The water here is extremely refreshing, falling from a great height and cascading at various levels to form a good-sized pond. Anyone standing in the path of the waters will feel it beating down hard on them, acting as a natural massage to their aching limbs. Just the perfect feeling for dedicated trekkers. In fact, trekkers describe the water here as “white as milk” and that they descend like “white diamonds.”

Besides these, there are other waterfalls in Chikmagalur too, such as Badamane Abbi Falls, Kallathigiri Falls, Hebbe Falls, Jhari Waterfalls, Hanuman Gundi Falls, Shankar Falls, Kadambi Falls, Kalhatti Falls and Shanti Falls. Each one is scenic in its own way and beckons the visitor to return and gaze at it repeatedly.

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