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Trekking in Chikmagalur

Trekking in Chikmagalur is a wonderful way to see Chikmagalur in all its glory. A lot of trekkers – both pros and newbies – visit here to fulfill their spirit for trekking because the hills here are gentle and are not so challenging. This gives everyone a chance to climb them and enjoy their treks. Chikmagalur is blessed to have various trekking spots and a visit here is considered incomplete without trekking.

Chikmagalur throws its doors open to you to enjoy trekking through to all its peaks, enjoying the landscape on the way and its flavoursome food. Staying at the various homestays here is a rare pleasure and experience, so don’t leave Chikmagalur before having this experience too.

A long weekend is ideal to enjoy a slice of the best life here. Come soon, Chikmagalur is waiting to serve up the best trekking delights to you.

Trekking guide

Located at the foothills of Mullayangiri, Chikmagalur is known to be at the heart of coffee plantations. It offers some of the best trekking spots in India.

Most of the popular trekking peaks are located within a 100km radius around Chikmgalur town. Difficultly depend on the peaks. While any trek demands a basic fitness level some of them like Kudremukh can be quite challenging. If unsure please talk to us – we’re here to help.

What you will find recurring in all Chikmagalur trekking spots is nature at its mesmerizing best – gushing and overflowing streams, dark shola forests with crisp brown foliage, tall bamboo shrubs and rolling green hills. Not to say that all peaks are similar but trekkers get to see a variety of landscape, something only trekking in Chikmagalur can boast of.

If plain old trekking doesn’t excite and you need something more challenging to get your adrenaline fix, Chikmagalur sure does stands up to the challenge. While inaccessible to many, we offer a few treks that are truly exceptional. For example, Bamikonda Kalchukki is a non-commercial trekking destination that is known for its unspoiled trails and wondrous landscapes. Or Night trekking through 100 acres of private and scenic gorges, lush green forests, freshwater lakes with wildlife such as bison, deer and peacocks and dramatic escarpment landscapes.

Chikmagalur trekking scene is not limited to the most commonly recommended peaks – there’s a lot more.  Speak to us and we’ll help you out.

Trekking spots

Here are a few of the many trekking spots in Chikmagalur district

Trekking cost

You will notice that each of our treks has its own singular advantages and characteristics, but what’s really noteworthy is that all the trekking costs here are absolutely affordable. Whatever we lay down as the cost in our packages is that and nothing else – yes, there are no hidden costs at all.

With our packages you don’t have to pay for the guide’s support, vehicle parking or even gate entry. This is in addition to accommodation and food charges. Now, you know just how affordable our packages are and how unmissable Chikmagalur trekking is. Would you still prefer to miss this?

Trekking in Chikmagalur is a must if you are a trekking enthusiast. Even if you are not, we invite you to give it a shot, we’re sure it will not disappoint.

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