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Events and Activities

What’s a holiday without some events to take part in? Absolutely incomplete. We, at Incredible Malnad, realize that and so have an array of interesting events lined up to make your holiday as diverse as possible.

Naturally, not everyone has the same interests, so we try to widen our range of events so that on the one hand it gives you the adrenaline rush you can’t live without. And on the other, you realize that your interest is shared by others too.

Our events

We welcome you to our Events capsule. Choose your kind of event and give us a call to sign up for it. Once that’s done, you have something to look forward to. A little bit of space all for yourself.

Apart from the ones listed we can also tailor a custom one for you. While we can put together anything you have in mind these are a few we specialize in,

  • Off road biking, night trekking, group trekking, river rafting, bonfire, camping and guided tours.
  • Adventure tours
  • Adventure sports/camps
  • Corporate events
  • We arrange get together’s for families and friends and house parties

Whatever you may have in mind, we’ll execute and go beyond.

We’re based in Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Why in the world would anyone come to Chikmagalur? What’s so special about it?

For the uninitiated, Chikmagalur is on the slopes of Karnataka, home to the state’s coffee estates. Situated at a height of 1090 metres above sea level, Chikmagalur has the most wondrous landscapes and is extremely scenic. This makes it ideal for all kinds of adventure sports–ranging from hiking, trekking, off-roading, biking, river rafting and much more.

A perfect getaway from the mad rush of city life, people who come here find these surroundings idyllic. They enjoy the mountain air, the regional cuisine and the gentle slopes of this area for a weekend and return to their lives, their batteries recharged.

And if you’re not the outdoorsy type but would like a more restful holiday, we can take you for long drives where you commune as closely with nature as possible. We’ll also take you to our neighborhood temples with impressive histories and architecture–perhaps you’d like that. And then we have waterfalls, paths through forests and coffee estates which you might like to wander through. Just name your interest and we’ll ensure you enjoy it.

Couple all these exclusive advantages with cool mountain air whenever you want it, gulpfuls of it, day or night and you’ve got yourself an affordable getaway, one that you’re going to enjoy, not only because of the delicious weather.

Think about it.

Our phones keep ringing with guests confirming their stay with us. If you too want to be one of them, give us a call on +91-82965-38447 or email us at contact@incrediblemalnad.com, informing us of your dates with us and the events you’d like to participate in. If you’d like to book your place online please click here.

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