Kudremukh trek

Kudremukh trek

Not for nothing is the Kudremukh Peak called the Himalayas of the South. Kudremukh also know as Kudremukha literally means ‘horse face’ because it is generally believed that this mountain range resembles the face of a horse. It has all the natural attributes that the Himalayas have–cascading waterfalls, dense forests, narrow streams and birds whistling in the woods. A trek here can easily win as one of the Western Ghats’ most naturally beautiful. As you explore this divine territory, you will see the vast variety in its landscape–not something other treks can come close to.

On your way to the peak, you’ll come across several gushing streams, dense Shola forests, rolling green hills, tall bamboo shrubs and the majestic peak itself in all its glory. As you stop to take in the scenery here, you get blown off both by the magnificence of the peak and by the sharp and gusty winds.


Situated in the heart of the Chikmagalur District, taking a Kudremukh trek is an adventure buff’s dream come true. It has an altitude 1,894 metres above sea level and ranks No. 3 in terms of height after the Mullayanagiri and Bababudangiri peaks.

This mountain peak is sprawled across a small village in Chikmagalur district. Here’s where you can see miles and miles of coffee plantations, which enrich the air and make you feel invigorated. There are several sceneries here that give you a slice of everything wonderful. Check out the gushing streams, lush flora and waterfalls dot your way as you trek through this range.

Details about the trek

Starting Point of Kudremukh Trek: A small village called Mullodi, about six kilometers from the main road is the starting point of this trek. You will find a couple of homestays here that are ideal for being the base camp of this trek.

How To Reach Mullodi: Take a KSRTC or a private bus to Mullodi and get down at Kalasa. Take a connecting bus to Kudremukh. Alight at Balegal, 10.5 kms from Kalasa. You can also hire a private jeep from Balegal bus stop for about Rs. 600 for eight people. Make Balegal your starting point of your trek, though by starting at Kalasa, your trek is shorter and less difficult to complete in a day.

Kudremukh Trek Difficulty Level: The trek from Mullodi to Lobo’s house is an easy one. From here to Ontimara, the difficulty level increases slightly. The trail turns steep on two short stretches here, but as you move on from Ontimara to the end of the Zig-Zag route, the difficulty level increases. Again from the Zig-Zag trail till you reach Kudremukh peak, the trek becomes moderate in its difficulty level. So, the overall difficulty level is moderate.

Total distance:
Mullodi: 4.5 km
Lobo’s house: 2.5 km
Zig-zag starting point: 1 km
Zig-zag end point: 1.5km
Total distance: 9.5 km from Mullodi

Time required:
Mullodi: 1-1.5 hrs
Lobos house: 1-1.5hrs
Zig-zag starting point: 30-45 mins
Zig-zag end point: 1hr-1.5 hrs to the peak
Total time required to trek from Mullodi to peak is 3.5hrs – 5hrs

Trek packages

If you’re out for adventure, there’s no better place than the trekking trails here in Chikmagalur, and more precisely at Kudremukh. Come with like-minded friends so that your experience here is great and you visit all there is to see and enjoy.

For you to choose from, we have several packages. Just choose the one that suits you best. Here they are for you:


To make your experience here memorable for a long, long time, we have several homestays in various parts of charming Chikmagalur. They are superbly equipped with modern conveniences so that you don’t miss out on your comforts even though you’re far away from home. We take the best care of you with our home-cooked food filled with regional flavours, apart from being in a Wi-Fi enabled environment amidst unique landscapes.

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